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The Alexis Project

The Alexis Project is the work of a small group of Romanian people interested in preserving the prehistory, history and culture of their region, and increasing knowledge about their area. It gives valuable insights into this district in the south west of Romania, on the Danube and its tributaries.

Jiu Panorama

This is a panorama of the Jiu River, the lifeblood of the Oltenia Region, and a wonderful resource for the inhabitants.

Photo: Adrian Gheorghe

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Path of the clay Facebook Path of the clay Facebook

Path of the clay website 'The Path of Clay' is a cross-border project between Bulgarian and Romanian partners, following identification, evaluation and promotion the processing centers of the clay on both sides of the Danube and the creation of a specific touristic route in the benefit of national identity affirmation in the European context.

EU Project Welcome to the IMPACT project page. Here you can plan, organise and travel to the Romania - Bulgaria region. Before you start your trip, check our route and visitors suggestions. Check out our photos and videos, choose the best route, sites to visit, accommodations and services.

EU Project
NGO Alexis Project - European Projects
Project 'Integrated Multimedia Platform for Active Culture and Tourism'
Financed by the Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme

  Alexis Project The Alexis Project Overview

Vogna Student Camp The Vogna Project 2013 is a camp, financed and supported by the Alexis Project with eight students from the faculty of Architecture at Bucharest University, Romania. The camp ran from the 17th to the 23rd August 2013, with a practical series of tasks by the students at the Vogna Cultural SIte.

Stupid Academy The Stupid Academy: This page is to 'celebrate' those accepted by the Alexis Project into membership of this exclusive club for reasons of great stupidity, based on documents from Romanian media.

The Best of…. This page, 'The Best of…' is to record the best images from the Alexis Project

Ciupercenii Noi There is a huge natural protected area near Ciupercenii Noi Municipality, Dolj County. It is on the left bank of the Danube River, and close to Calafat town. There are huge lakes, green areas, forests all around, a lot of birds and wild animals, making this a heaven of nature which needs to be protected and promoted for tourists in a better way.

  Alexis Project map Maps of Oltenia and Romania

Alexis International projects The Alexis Team has begun important projects for International cooperation. Alexis now has a very good and mutually beneficial relationship with another foundation, Perpetuum Mobile from Bulgaria for future European projects.

government projects
A team from the section for NATURE of Oltenia Museum and University of Craiova is making a deep research over the area of the Jiu river, near Craiova, also over Baile Ionele lake, as well as the sweet-water lakes near Urzicuta village, the Baboia river, the Eruga river, Cioroiasi village, also over the Bad Valley from Radovan village, helped by Alexis project for a better evaluation of those areas. It is an important cooperation between Alexis Project and the Oltenia Museum, keeping in mind future European Union projects at those locations.

Iones This page is to record information about the culture of Bulgaria, and interesting sites there.

Recent Archaeology
Recent Romanian Archaeology - this page is to record Archaeology of the present day - that is, sites which are at most a few hundred years old, but are already on the way to becoming significant archaeology sites of the future.

Romanian Architecture
Romanian Architecture - this page is to record the findings of Alexandru Gheorghe in relation to Romanian Architecture past and present.

Constantin Para
Forgotten Heroes - this page is to honour people who have died, but have not received the recognition they deserve.

Alexis Experiments Alexis Experiments.

Beautiful Romania Beautiful Romania, a wonderful place.

archaeological digs Archaeological digs in Romania, especially in Oltenia

Hypotheses Alexis Historical Hypotheses - a series of as yet unproven hypotheses concerning the ancient history of Oltenia in Romania.

culture Romanian popular culture past and present

School Project Specific Alexis Projects - The Alexis team has a number of projects to benefit the local community, including school visits, guided excursions, and donations to educational institutions, and to improve the knowledge, respect and understanding of Romania's historical past, culture and civilisation, as well as respect for the natural environment and the ethnic traditions of the Romanian people.

Newspaper Reports Media Reports

Dolj Monuments Dolj County Historical Sites

archaeological digs Wonders of Dolj County - mapping and assessment of historical monuments, sites in Dolj County.

 Goshawk Animals of Oltenia

flowers Plants of Oltenia

Romania Today Romania Today

This page is to show the strange and unusual things to be found in Romania today.

Orsova Ballista Reconstructions of Ancient Artefacts

Vodita Monastery Buildings

Insignia Sygla or Insignia of the Alexis Project Organisation

Forest of Radovan Mysteries of Romania

ada kaleh
Old Ada Kaleh - Ada Kaleh was a small island on the Danube populated mostly by Turks that was submerged during the construction of the Iron Gates hydroelectric plant in 1970. The island was about 3 km downstream from Orşova and measured 1750 by 450 metres. The isle of Ada Kaleh is probably the most evocative victim of the Iron Gate dam's construction. A Turkish exclave, it had a mosque and numerous twisting alleys, and was known as a free port and a smuggler's nest.

ada kaleh

The New Ada Kaleh on Șimian Island - During the construction of the Iron Gates dam, and before the rising waters flooded Ada Kaleh, some of the structures that were built on the island were relocated to the nearby Şimian Island, including part of the masonry of the fortress' catacombs, the Mosque, the bazaar, Mahmut Pasha's house, the graveyard and various other objects. However, the Ada Kaleh community decided to emigrate to Turkey after the evacuation of the island, instead of re-settling on Şimian Island. Also, a smaller part went to Dobruja, another Romanian territory with a Turkish minority, so the reconstruction of the New Ada Kaleh was never completed.

Ponoarele Romanian Caves

 Cin Fishing on the rivers of Romania

  springs200x100.jpg Springs and Wells of Oltenia

  monuments200x100.jpg Monuments of Oltenia

Meteu Church Fossiliferous sites of Oltenia

troitza Troitza (Troiţă) and other crosses

Spring Flowers Plants of Oltenia

 Villages Towns and villages of Oltenia

School Project Medical Facilities in Oltenia

 jiubridge200x100.jpg The modest but vitally important footbridge across the Jiu connecting Filiaşi and Bilta

 storks200x100.jpg Jiu River and Environs near Filiaşi

Crivina Danube Monuments

mammoths Mammoths of Oltenia

 sip canal Construction of the Sip Canal in the Iron Gates Gorge

Oltenia Museum Oltenia Museum Craiova -

Churches of Romania Churches of Romania -

 Don's Maps Archaeology of Europe, Russia and Australia
- Don's Maps, Don Hitchcock's archaeology site

Recent additions, changes and updates to the Alexis site


This site is to publicise the history and culture of Romania, and displays information from the Alexis Project Association

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